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My name is Hermes, a creator, science-led thinker and unwavering self-care advocate dedicated to developing clean, active and highly-effective skincare, without compromising our everyday routine.

Inspired by my beautiful mother, “Bella” is for “beautiful” and “Litz”, is short for “Yelitza”, the middle of her name. The namesake felt pretty fitting since my true fascination for skincare began with my mother when I was young. I had always seen her buy a variety of products - day creams, night creams and every other cream that promised lasting results. And although she wasn’t an aesthetician by profession, she had still attended all the trade shows, tested all the products and tenaciously continued her search to discover a skincare range that genuinely worked. From opulent brand names to the not-so-fancy bottles, I had seen just how unreliable the skincare world really was. I had also seen just how serious the skincare world was too. The products felt rigid, complex and a little stressful, making her morning and nightly skincare routine feel exhaustive and dull.

It’s at this moment that I decided to roll up my sleeves and innovate. Cue Bella Litz, a modern brand devoted to exuberant yet highly-effective skincare, that is not only fuss-free but also fun. Formulated with pure, premium and high-performing ingredients, Bella Litz is an innovative approach towards everyday skincare, creating bold products that enhance your skin, enrich your bod and excite your daily routine, simply.


Brand Story

Boosting beyond your skin.

Beauty is more than just radiant skin, trendy womenswear and a manicured set of nails. Nope, beauty is a feeling, an experience and a bold sense of self.

This is where we come in – boosting your inner beauty, beyond your skin. 

Founded on the philosophy that real beauty begins on the inside, our brand is dedicated to creating a modern skincare experience that simply boosts first, and beautifies next. 

How do we achieve this? Simple…by making skincare an exciting experience. 

Because we believe life is far too short for serious, complicated and invasive routines, our essential purpose is to revitalize the future of skincare entirely. With our colourful packaging and one-of-a-kind formulations, we skilfully integrate functionality with fun, ensuring our brand brightens more than just your skin, but instead, uplifts your mood, your mind and your everyday living through exuberant and effective skincare.

Made for modern women with lots to do (and little time), our collection is simple yet high-performing. Harnessing the power of active, superfood and anti-oxidant rich ingredients, each product is formulated with effective concentrates to radically restore, regenerate and reveal a healthier, happier you.