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Our Voice

Fun & Light-Hearted – Just like our unique formulations and colourful packaging, our brand is all about brightening skin, moods and daily routines through fun. By using a playful and light-hearted communication style with sassy undertones, we not only cement our value of “exuberance” but we also appeal to a wider generation who appreciate a skincare routine that is simple yet exciting. This is our differentiation – positioning ourselves as premium but also irreverent / exuberant / exciting Although we are fun and exciting, we are not overtly humorous, silly, or youthful, so it’s important to always balance our light-heartedness with a knowledgeable, science-oriented and innovative tone. 

Bold & Innovative – We’re here to shake things up and revitalize the skincare world as we know it. Using a bold, modern and innovative communication style, our brand communicates it’s differentiation. We’re unafraid to be playful, use advanced technologies and create unique formulations that actually work. Appealing to our audience who value modernity, newness and undercurrents of rebellion, our bold brand tones make our audience feel seen, heard and simply inspired. 

Expert & Knowledgeable - Yes, we’re all about making skincare fun but we also take our customers skin health and happiness seriously. Which is why we use an expert, knowledgeable and science-driven communication style. Articulating our passion for premium ingredients, formulations and methods that are backed by science, we are not only communicating our commitment to the best of the best, but we are also building stronghold trust, making our audience feel safe and at ease. Although we are sophisticated, knowledgeable and inspired by science within skincare, we are not overtly cold, factual and professional, so it’s important to always warm and welcome our audience with a playful, bold and uplifting tone. 


Skincare that works.
Saying ba-bye to multiple products, invasive ingredients and complicated routines, our brand welcomes the art of simplicity. Taking a less-is-more approach, Bella Litz focuses on active, superfood and high-performing ingredients that effectively supplement your skin with ease.

Boosting beyond your skin.
Because we believe skincare is selfcare, and selfcare should be an exciting and immersive part of our daily lives, we ensure our collection is not only fuss-free, but it’s also fun. From our bright coloured packaging to our unique formulations, every serum, cream and kit promises to brighten your skin, your mood and your routine, sparking an all-day exuberant glow, naturally.

Pure Ingredients. Premium Quality.
Made with the best, by the best, we ensure every ingredient, formula and method is meticulously crafted with fine-quality in mind. Big believers that quality skincare inspires quality living, our brand blends active, concentrated and clean ingredients together with science-led thinkers to develop a high-quality and feel-good skincare experience.

We’re not just a pretty face.
Although we’re all about making skincare fun, we also take your skin health and happiness, seriously. Inspired by the science within skincare, our range is carefully researched, developed and backed by science, ensuring every product is crafted with state-of-the-art technologies, science-led formulations and active ingredients to optimize your everyday glow.